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Posted: Sunday, July 05, 1998 at 03:24 PM UT | Updated: April 21, 2018

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"Inspiring, courageous and breath-taking vision... God bless."

— Isaac
Australia [Pacific]



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Testimonials: Praise

Inspiring, courageous and breath-taking vision.

Australia [Pacific]

I am very pleased and impressed to find an Assyrian website of such a high and professional standard. Everyday I find myself feeling more and more proud of Assyrians - and more connected with Assyrians who are achieving so much for themselves and others. Well done and thank you. Warmest regards, Arabella.

Arabella Aida Daniel
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia [Pacific]

A job well done. This is a fine example of the kind of work that we need more of to publicize our nation and people. Always be proud of your glorious past and work hard for a successful future. Always remember that in every movement there is one man/woman with a vision that will create change.

Mazin Menashi Enwiya
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America] is beautiful and informative.
It is the best website I have ever seen... by far.

Van Armenya
Webmaster of

Shlomo, you make us very proud, we are with you brothers and sisters and we will meet in Beth-Nahren, Assyria!!!

Germany [Europe]

I was in the RAF at Habbaniya. Worked in EPAS at 115MU 1951-1954. Can recall four Assyrian friends: Mr. Wallace, Simon Andrew, William David and Youra who worked with me. I think Youra had a trial with the English football team 'Bristol City'. Do any of my old colleagues remember me?

Jim Allison
Carlisle, Cumbria. United Kingdom [Europe]

It takes an intelligent, artistic and distinguished person to present with such diligence and abundance, such a courageously sensational site. Especially against some blind hearted and feeble minded people. I can clearly see all these wonderful qualities in the mirror of, and I humbly and respectfully bow down before it.

Alfred Abramian
Sydney, NSW. Australia [Pacific]

Hello! We are all very greatful for your efforts to raise the name of Assyrians and Assyria, your work will be respected and remembered for years to come. We are proud of you.

Ninous W. Sorisho
Sodertalje, Humles.5. Sweden [Europe]

This is the only thing I go to as soon as I get home and the only reason I got a computer. Great job on keeping me busy!!!

Luma Shaya
SK. Canada [North America]

I am from Iran and I am very glad to find our site. Thank you for your great job! Avitoon Basimeh. Pooshoon Pshaina.

Fabiola Hormozian
Tehran, Gisha. Iran [Middle East]

Great job on the website. It has a variety of everything for all ages.

Nahrin Gabrial
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Growing up as a child in Chicago, my father who was an Assyrian, and who married my mother (a Polish woman), he never talked much about his life or his heritage or his family background. Its great that through this website, it has helped me learn a little bit more about who I am on my father's side of the family, and get some answers to many questions I had thought about over the years. Again thank you!

Kenneth W. Michael
Pleasanton, California. USA [North America]

Shlama, thanking all Assyrians who contributed to this outstanding educational website with all their dedication and pride. United we shall stand, Khaya Ator!

Shamiran Safaro
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia [Pacific]

Dear Assyrians, I congratulate you for the great job you are doing for our proud nation.

Ninos Kamber
London, England [Europe]

I have become very interested at this website. It provides essential information about the Assyrian people. I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to view this website and become aware of their heritage. Keep up the good work. Pushumshena!!!

Vilbert Famil Elia
Reseda, California. USA [North America]


Zina Oraham
Goteborg, Sweden [Europe]

Thank you dear webmaster of You really did a great job, always something new, always something interesting. Keep up the great job. God bless you khoonee.

Amira Bet Shmoel
Canada [North America]

Keep this site up!!! I've never seen a site like this site. I'm only 15 - If u need any help keeping the site up I'm glad 2 help... (e-mail me if needed)... GOOD WORK :)

Givargis Sarmast
NSW, Sydney. Australia [Pacific]

I am very happy with current programs. Keep up the good work!

Nevada Youkhanna
Phoenix, Arizona. USA [North America]

This truly is a great site... both visually and interactively. It is nice to see that us Assyrians are broadening our internet horizons. Shout outs to all my friends online and keep up this great site.

Ramsen N.
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Allo hawrone ajdarbo hato, basima raba.

Pali Jonson
Sweden [Europe]

Dear Assyrians, you've done a great job, keep it up!

Raymon Odisho
London, England. United Kingdom [Europe]

Excellent site, keep up the good work, may your site keep growing and reaching more and more of our brothers and sisters all over the world... long live the Internet and love live our cause. Pushon pshena.

Moneer Younan
Alberta, Edmonton. Canada [North America]

This site is great to read. I encourage everyone to support it.

Tom Zia
Aptos, California. USA [North America]

Great job. Very professional. Keep it up. Advertise this site in the San Jose Area. As you may know there are about 4 Assyrian TV programs here. I'm sure some will help you promote this site at no cost. Good luck...

Zaya Tomeh
Campbell, California. USA [North America]

I was browsing through and wow I liked what I saw, the information is great for all ages. Gives me great pride in learning more about our history and culture. I'd like to see more stuff for kids & teens, baseme raba o basma ghanokhon.

Juliana Nona
Toronto, Ontario. [Canada]

I long for the day when the Highway will be built... a brother in Hawaii.

Vernon L. Kuenzi
Pearl City, Hawaii. USA [North America]

I have always been interested in the underdog in history. Being Polish (i.e. also betrayed by the British), I sympathise with the people of Assyria. I believe that we have both suffered a great deal - ethnic and cultural clensing. I sincerely hope that your cyber community prospers for the future (and one day perhaps attains geographic soverignty). May Yahweh bless you all.

White Raven
Sydney, NSW. Australia [Pacific]

Great job! Keep up the good work.

Diana Aprim
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Hello, brothers and sisters may I congratulate you on a fine and well presented piece of art, that truly enables one and all to see who the Assyrians really are. Keep up the good work. Regards Abbey.

Albert Tamou
London, England. United Kingdom [Europe]

Great site. Thank you.

Arbel Bet-Shliemoun
San Jose, California. USA [North America]

This is the best Assyrian site I have seen, keep up the good work.

Alex Odisho
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Just cruising the web and enjoyed your site. Somewhere I am 1/8 Assyrian,(the rest Hye).

John Izmirlian
Chatham, New Jersey. USA [North America]

I love this site keep it always up for the best!!!

Rana Koushaba
Canada [North America]

I discovered 10 years ago about Assyrians. Some very clever people as Yusef Yacoub (in France) wrote about minorities. And your site complete my knowledge, very happy, I marry an Assyrian man from mideast. I am aware of what happened under Muslim power. Why don't Europe or States help? I try my best to make your question known. I help some fleeing. Who may help me about Assyrian in Iran and Syria. Wish to hear about latest testimony, evidences in 1997-98 if you may help me. Bravo to your professional team and such persons as Gabriel Rabo from whom I learned a lot through the Net. Thanks.

Geneva, France [Europe]

I'm a young Assyrian who is very proud of his ancestors and those who came before me. God bless all Assyrians world-wide young and old. Great Website.

William G. Lazar
San Francisco, California. USA [North America]

I loved exploring this site. It was very educational and makes me so proud to see all this hard work and effort put towards such a great cause - to keep the Assyrian people strong, proud and intelligent!

Nazo Adde
Plainview, New York. USA [North America]

I love this site! You have done a wonderful job, and this makes me very proud. I love to hear about all the Assyrians all over the world. Keep it up.

Danny Lazar
Glendale, California. USA [North America]

Your site is great! I had some information about your existence as a nation, but that was all of it... I was impressed by your will for freedom. Keep on fighting, but please, make it louder! Most people know you only from history books!

Germany [Europe]

Very professionally designed website!

Atlanta, Georgia. USA [North America]

I think this is great for our young Assyrians! This is something for them to learn about our culture, who we are, and something good to keep us busy! Great Job! ;)

Shamiran Zia
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

I'm proud this many people still remember motherland and fight for it. God Bless You All!

Mario Marogy
Davison, Michigan. USA [North America]

This is so wonderful, keep up the faith and the good work. I am from Baghdad, Iraq. If there is any friends whom I lost contact with, please E-mail me. I did attend church of Mar Odeeshou in Baghdad, Tal-mahamad. Hope to find my long lost friends.

Sargon Paulus Peera
Flint, Michigan, USA [North America]

WOW! What a wonderful, informative and exciting site. I am sure I will frequent this site and catch updates and begin my own research on the Assyrians. Thank you and may God continue to Bless You...

Virginia, USA [North America]

Great job! God bless you and viva Assyria!

Emmanuel Binyamin
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

I wanna say that ur site is a good site. i like sitting down and watching ur tv program and it looks like u put effort in making this site good job and i loved this site and so did my mom, bye!

Niles, Illinois. USA [North America]

Wonderful site! I think it's one of the best sites of all Assyrian sites I have seen before. It was very moving to read these words on the front page about visiting Assyria. Then I feel real proud to find such well organized, thoughtfully structured information inside. I wish your love to our nation, energy, patience will lead you to further success. Thank you.

Diana Bit-Jamoo
Moscow, Russia [Europe]

What a blessing!

Toni Hofer
Elk Grove, California. USA [North America]

What can I say. You have done a wonderful job. It is good to see that Assyrians, being such an ancient race, are up there with the rest, making the best use of the latest technologies. We are all depending on you. Well done and keep up the good work.

Walter Lolham
Sydney, Australia [Pacific]

Shlomo... just wanted to tell you that you have done a great job here. Keep up the good work. Foshoon ba'shlomo.

William George
Sweden [Europe]

Shlomo hawrone! This site is excellent. Keep up the good work. Never become discouraged. Sha amoodale, Kule Athuraye, men Madenkha w Ma'arwa... Aloho d'Othuroye amekhoon...

Sargon Donabed
Boston, Massachusetts. USA [North America]

God bless you, I have seen so many web sites, but this truly stands out. Yes, web sites like this will echo the voices of the Assyrians as a nation to all, yes we do exist, this is our history, culture and our blessed language, and yes we are still here after 2500 years from the fall of our capital, Nineveh.

Fred Aprim
San Jose, California. USA [North America]

I am proud to be an Assyrian. I would like to say that how proud I am of those of you who are trying to make the rest of the world know who we are, and what we stand for. I enjoy looking at this web site, I think it is very interesting and educational to us Assyrians and also to the rest of the world.

Maha Shakro
Streamwood, Illinois. USA [North America]

The blood of our ancestors flows in your veins. The work you have created has been designed for all Assyrians. The time has come for us to support this magnificent site and ensure that it continues to thrive and grow in the future. Always Assyrian! (Motto of the AYGV)

David Chibo
Australia [Pacific]

An impressive web site. I am very proud to see Assyrian brothers and sisters create such an outstanding site. I hope more Assyrians will take advantage of such a site.

Robert Mulhim
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

The time has come for this wonderful vision, consummated perfectly and timely by the Assyrians.

Rome, Italy [Europe]

Shlama Al Omta, bet shareta iwen bshkara an tina wido aha patet beta, ana ajoben al daha shola raba shapira, basma ganokhon... kharta bimarewen qa chol atoraya, edyo yoma akhnan kolan gark takhmenekh bout daatid "future" et omtan, hamonewen qat omtanayota bell Atouraya zedla o hoya basemta raba Internet, qam shoqalan jamakh al oydaleh... qabot hatkha hawiton khobaneh bell oydaleh o hayeriton qa oydaleh ega d haoiton... qat hawekh gabareh makh tikhwa qamta, o basime raba. sheeta khita go Nineveh bkhelet Alaha o Atourayeh...

Purqana Atouraya
Sweden [Europe]

Hej Augin, Maste man skriva pa engelska? Na, det tror jag inte.Idag har jag samsta dagen. Jag ska ringa och beratta for dig senare. Ar det kul i Goteborg utan mig? Det kan jag inte tro. Jag tor inte att man ska skriva sa har pa den har sidan, men det spelar ingen roll. Eller? Jag kanske blir utkastad av nagon assyrier. Det var langesen vi snackade. Nastan en hel vecka. Puss och kram igen, Emma.

P.S. Du maste komma hit snart.det borjar bli langtrakigt utan dig.D.S.

Uppsala, Sweden [Europe]

Basma Ganogoon, people like you give us the hope that "Shraya Dtapdtepanta D'Atour le jamma". You have done an excellent professional work. Keep up the good work, and definitely you will have all the support you need from your nation. Thank you for your service to Assyrians!

Tony Khoshaba
Chicago, Illinois USA [North America]

I must say that I am impressed. I'm really proud of you all for this wonderful website, it's one of the greatest Assyrian sites I've ever visited. Keep on the good work, you are all doing a fantastic job.

California, USA [North America]

WOW! is in a whole new class of professional websites! Microsoft can learn a few things from this site. Khaya ganokhun!

Firas Jatou
Toronto, Ontario. [Canada]

We're very proud of you about what you have done in this great website.

Fraydon Heskel
Melbourne, Australia [Pacific]

Wow, this is an excellent website... it's attention to detail is beautiful. You've pretty much created a virtual world for Assyrians, putting an emphasis on history, news articles, chat, forums, art, and seemingly so much more. The effort that went into its creation is obviously reflected in this website. Kudos to your achievements!

Julia Sorisho
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

This is a wonderful website full of information and beautifully presented. It is an asset to our Assyrian Nation to have people so dedicated and willing to offer their services and expertise to their brothers and sisters in one nation all around the world. Congratulations on a job very well done.

Sam Shalalo
Sydney, NSW. Australia [Pacific]

Excellent graphics. Good design. It's exciting to see such an outpour of Assyrian talent. Keep up the good work, don't give up.

George Yana
Sarasota, Florida. USA [North America]

I am not an Assyrian, but I have great respects for a group of people who were the rulers of the world at one time. I enjoy learning about the Assyrian culture, and history, it is one of great honor, pride, hardships, triumphs, and indeed great respect. I admire Assyrians for being the strong people that they are. I am glad that this information is being available on the internet, so that others like myself can learn what a great culture and heritage Assyrians have. Thank you very much to all of those who are making this possible, and I am sure that God will not forget the plight, that Assyrians have endured. Peace be onto all of you.

Micheal K. Seraphin
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

A wonderful job on a great website... it's people like you that makes us feel so proud of the Assyrian nation. Best of luck to all those that have contributed to the site.

Maureen Nano
Des Plaines, Illinois. USA [North America]

Beautiful job! This website is looking really good! Keep up the great work and allah natri-o-khon! =)

Doreen Khamo
London, Canada [North America]

Well done! Congrats on your masterpiece. Keep up the good work. True Blue Assyrian =)

Sydney, Australia [Pacific]

I am very proud to be Assyrian and very proud to have people like Sargon on my side! God bless you! and God bless our Assyrian nation.

Stewart Gilliana
Beijing, China [Asia]

Excellent job! This is to strive to keep all Assyrians connected and together as one, living in hope that we all might be united one day, as a country!

London, Canada [North America]

Out of the fullness of a warm heart, I want to extend to you my sincere and earnest good wishes for a job well done. God bless our great Assyrian nation and "ZOWAA"

Johnny Sargon Jacob
San Diego, California. USA [North America]

This website is one of the most professional web sites I have yet seen. The webmaster is one very talented Assyrian. God bless you and keep you for our nation. I hope you can continue to add to so that we can be ever prouder of Assyrian accomplishments. This web site will go a long way in educating the world about Assyrians. Your brother in nation, Raman Mikhail.

Raman Mikhail
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Shlama lokhon! Hawet basima! Ana ke yalpin lishana atoraya! I have determined that I will insist the existence of Assyrians in Japan. Atya malukyut alaha isho mashikha! Atya mata atoraya!

Higuchi Jiro
Tokyo, Japan [Asia]

I am so proud of what you have done! I always heard about this wonderful site that was going to be developed but this is beyond what I expected. It gives you this warm feeling and re-assurance of still being part of a nation that is alive and stronger than ever. Well done guys! Your sister, Midet.

Toronto, Canada [North America]

I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I mean, a lot of effort has been put to this website. Certainly a website fit for Assyrians!

Odisho Aziz
Toronto, Canada [North America]

Shlomo ~ Shlama, our final goal: Free independent Assyria for the Assyrians! I thank you for this incredible beautiful homepage! I am proud of you! Akhunokh, Matay.

Matay A. dbeth Arsan Arboyo
Amsterdam, Netherlands [Europe]

To the Design Crew at, I would like to say that you guys have put together a truly fine piece of work. It's quite stunning! Having clicked around this site as well as all of the various Assyrian sites I've visited in the past, it's quite difficult not to daydream of a beautiful and thriving Assyria. Oh Lord, please let me see it in my lifetime... Love, Alin.

Alin Alkass
Chicago, Illinois. USA [North America]

Dear Atour web designer. You are to be congratulated for your wonderful design. Especially the color coordination and contents. I wish you good luck and thank you for promoting the Assyrian name.

Ninous Beitashour
San Francisco, California. USA [North America]

This website remains in a class of its own. Keep up the good work & God bless you and all Assyrians.

Ashur Isaac
Australia [Pacific]

el kola bne omty khbeota, shlama alekhon, hawe brekha aha yoma ot slel gaba dian al ninwe o bgdad, kat adio youma modelan qa kole melate nkhraie akhna maniwekh o meka adlan sabab tshilan khama zlmane le yawilan haqothan sabab akhnan iwekh nashat bet nahren o talben men maria kat jamelan khot kha baedakh o khot kha ata khleta o tlaben men kola bne omty khabeoe qat kolan khidkh bet kha leba o kha khoba o bet amrekh bet kha khbra akhnan iwekh marat opra o akhnan iwakh atorae ot adyo o teml o qodme

Enlil Nirari
USA [North America]

I am a believer that a nation is only as strong as its means to distribute its ideology to all its citizens, wherever they may be!

Billy Haido
Vice President, Strategic Entertainment
Chicago, Illinois USA [North America]

All the best for The representative of Assyrians in the WWW.

Emmanuel Francis
Australia [Pacific]

Testimonials: Criticism

Regarding: Assyrian Information Management (AIM) |

Browsing this website appears promising, but it does not do anything for me as I can't do anything here.  Anyways, I will visit from time to time.

Name not available.
Chicago, Illinois USA [North America]

Regarding: Assyrian Information Management (AIM) |

This website is a waste of time, you guys need to find real jobs.

Name not available.
Chicago, Illinois USA [North America]

Regarding: Business and Community Affiliations

I am an Assyrian who is disgusted with how Assyrian websites are making money on behalf of our poor nation.  You should not mix business and national duty that should be done free of charge.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Name not available.
California, USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note: 
Server management, security, bandwidth, administration, and large-scale website development are time-consuming and expensive projects.  For this website to remain online, we balance between selective business affiliations, conscious capitalism, partnership, sponsorship and people's donations.  If each Assyrian visitor donated annually to this server project, we would be able to reach our goal of being independently sustainable.  Currently, many academic projects — university, museum, and organizational research information to be posted within the various categories of this website — are on hold due to limited funding.

Regarding: Education Network | Forum

Kurdistan is Kurdistan forever.
Remove your article as soon as possible.
I supposed that only Pan Turks and Pan Arabs are our enemies
but it seems ...

Barzan (alias)
Akron, Ohio USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  Founded on December 10, 1996, during the early years of the Internet, the organization's primary objective is to promote Assyrian history, language and culture.  This editorial independence enables us to present our perspective and related information into accurate and comprehensive articles, freely available for everyone.

Regarding: Assyrian Holocaust

Too many lies... so many lies... where to with all these lies?

Mustafa Kemal (alias)
Sydney, Australia [Pacific]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  The 8 Stages of Genocide — 1. Classification, 2. Symbolization, 3. Dehumanization, 4. Organization, 5. Polarization, 6. Preparation, 7. Extermination, and 8. Denial (The response to denial is punishment by an international tribunal or national courts)

Testimonials: Indifference

Regarding: Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide News

Who founded the Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide News website?
When was AAHGN created? Who authorized it?

Name not available.
Chicago, Illinois USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note: The Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide News website was founded in August 2000 by Armenian, Assyrian and Greek activists, who were authorized by the silent victims of genocides.

Regarding: Assyrian Holocaust

This website has made a mockery of our genocide.
First of all, it's called genocide, not holocaust. 
Second, it's missing information or is this some sort of conspiracy or amnesia? 
Finally, it doesn't really matter since you don't speak on our behalf.

Name not available.
USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  Please review our three-part explanation below.

Since 2000, the Assyrian Holocaust section of this website continues to be a collective volunteer effort of many Assyrian activists and friends of Assyrians, namely the Armenians and Greeks.

Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, religious, political, or ethnic group.  The word, from the Greek genos, meaning “race,” “nation,” or “tribe,” and the Latin cide, meaning “killing,” originated from the tragic events in the Middle East during the end of the Ottoman empire from 1910 to 1933, which called for a legal concept to describe the deliberate destruction of large groups.

Holocaust is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction by fire of a racial, religious, political, or ethnic group.  The word derives from the Greek holos, meaning “whole” and kaustos, meaning “burnt”.  Long before the Jewish Holocaust of World War II, Turks and Kurds systematically forced Assyrians into wells filled with kerosene oil and burned them to death, including burning the churches where Christian Assyrians had taken refuge.

Information appearing on the website is determined by copyright and reprint rights.  We respect copyright laws and believe in the fair use of copyrighted work for the purposes of news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research and preservation.  Thankfully, the majority of people and organizations forward their information in the form of documents, photographs, audios and videos.

We believe the strict implementation of copyright laws equate to an academic genocide and will ultimately hinder Assyrian nationalism and awareness, by limiting the amount of information on the Internet.

As Assyrian activists, we speak for those who could not speak yesterday, and for those who cannot speak for themselves today.

Regarding:  Assyrian Education | Assyrian Library | Forums

As an Assyrian academic, why should I collaborate, what are the incentives?

Name not available.
USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  Sharing your academic achievement — magnum opus — will foster learning and promote a sense of community, especially needed for a beleaguered Assyrian nation living in the four corners of the diaspora.

Oftentimes, great works are left in dusty drawers and shelves or stored securely within academic offices and websites.  Access to this information is frustratingly tedious, requiring lengthy procedures, applications and logins. 

We believe the strict implementation of copyright laws equates to an academic genocide and will ultimately hinder Assyrian nationalism and awareness, by limiting the amount of information on the Internet.

We respect copyright laws and believe in the fair use of copyrighted work for the purposes of news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research and preservation.

We recommend making a complete digital EPUB and PDF document of your book, thesis, report, article or essay and distribute them freely on the Internet.  Include purchase information and direct URL links to your material at various online bookstores within your documents.  Since a digital document does not have the benefits of a printed book, this free global distribution solution has been proven to actually increase sales.

Open and share, perhaps you may become a mentor to a reader.

Regarding: Assyrian Activism | Forums

I'm an Assyrian, I don't believe in the need to financially support nor collaborate with this website. Afterall, I get my information on Assyrians from Wikipedia, Facebook, and other free websites.

Name not available.
USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  Founded on December 10, 1996, during the early years of the Internet, the organization's primary objective is to promote Assyrian history, language and culture.  This editorial independence enables us to present our perspective and related information into accurate and comprehensive articles, freely available for everyone.

Server management, security, bandwidth, administration, and large-scale website development are time-consuming and expensive projects. For this website to remain online, we balance between selective business affiliations, conscious capitalism, partnership, sponsorship and people's donations. If each Assyrian visitor donated annually to this server project, we would be able to reach our goal of being independently sustainable. 

Currently, many academic projects — university, museum, and organizational research information to be posted within the various categories of this website — are on hold due to limited funding.

Regarding: News | Government | Forums

We are independent Assyrian activists and would be willing to collaborate with this website if you remove and stop posting certain information from a particular political organization or individual.

Name not available.
USA [North America]

AIM | atour.comEditors' Note:  We welcome and encourage the freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, opinion, expression and the rights of peaceful assembly and association. People collaborate on projects — both in the digital virtual world and in reality — and share their perspectives in the Assyrian Forums. Join and share yours today.

We follow the guidelines established by the United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) on December 10, 1948.  Specifically,

Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.  Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

. . .

Article 18.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 20.

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
  2. No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Do you have any related information or suggestions? Please email them.
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