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Modern Assyrian Research Archive Foundation (MARA)

by Tomas Beth-Avdalla Isik — MARA Project Manager. May 29, 2012.
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Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 09:27 PM UT


Modern Assyrian Research Archive Foundation
pdfBrochure (PDF, 2 MB)

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December 28, 2012
The Cambridge University Project, Part 1

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January 04, 2013
The Cambridge University Project, Part 2

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This is MARA

MARA (Modern Assyrian Research Archive) is a digital and physical archive about the Assyrians* in modern times. We are a tax-exempt foundation that collects, preserves, and makes available materials such as manuscripts, old and historical photographs, documents, periodicals, books, and audio and video recordings.

*Assyrians are indigenous to parts of the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey), and today, many live in the diaspora mainly in the USA, Europe and Russia.

MARA, founded in 2008 by academics from various countries interested in Assyrian studies, is affiliated with the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Our goal is to create the world's largest digital and physical archive focusing on Assyrians in modern times.

This is how MARA works

  • MARA collects material about the Assyrians from sources worldwide
  • MARA digitizes and archives the collected material
  • MARA makes available thousands of files to the public

MARA's work leads to:

  • New research and knowledge about Assyrians
  • Safe storage of historical material
  • Proliferation of historical material to the public

We are creating the world's largest archive of Assyrian material

MARA's success is due, in part, to a worldwide network of individuals, organizations, universities, and libraries. Informing as many sources as possible allows us to collect different types of material. MARA covers all costs associated with getting the material to us to digitize and then either returning or keeping it in a safe environment. Our work is demanding and time consuming. The digitization of the materials is a slow process. Books and documents are scanned and audio/video recordings converted to a digital format which all computers can manage. The material is catalogued and made available on the Internet at the MARA website where all visitors can read, listen and view the materials free of charge.

collection materials

Gleanings of the material from Assyrians around the world

MARA collects material worldwide where Assyrians reside. The current archive consists of material collected from Russia, the USA, Australia, Sweden, Germany and the countries of origin of the Assyrians in the Middle East. Below are some examples of unique Assyrian material collected and digitized from the Middle East, the USA and Russia.

collected materials

Affiliation with University of Cambridge

university affiliationAffiliated with the University of Cambridge in Great Britain, MARA cooperates with libraries and institutions such as the Harvard College Library and the Ashurbanipal Library both in the USA and the Mesopotamian Book Collection at Södertörn University College in Stockholm, Sweden.

Books, documents and other physical material collected are deposited both at the Cambridge University Library and the MARA archive.

The history is building the future - MARA needs your support

The history of the Assyrians in modern times is a continuation of thousands of years of culture from its origins in Beth Nahreen (Mesopotamia). This modern history deserves to and must be preserved for posterity. MARA is a non-profit foundation organized and directed by persons committed to the preservation of modern Assyrian history.

MARA's goal and ideals are unique, but the work is costly. Therefore, MARA seeks financial assistance from individuals, institutions and companies worldwide to meet its goal. If you wish to support MARA's objective, please donate.

MARAHow to support MARA

Here are several ways to support MARA*:

  • Direct Debit
  • Bank Giro Service
  • PayPal

Our website,, provides specific information on the various methods for donating to MARA.

* For residents of the USA, donations should be made through the Assyrian Foundation of America.

See our website for further instructions.

Thank you in advance for your kind donation!

Do you have any related information or suggestions? Please email them.

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